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Time Hacks For The Fierce Business Mum

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Time Hacks For The Fierce Business Mum

I have a rather sick obsession with life hacks. As someone who thrives on anarchy, I’ve become a pro at creating systems and routines to ensure maximum productivity amongst the chaos. And while motherhood and business can be a crazy juggle, the truth is that they must go hand in hand if we want to create the absolute best version of our lives.

Here are my top hacks for losing the overwhelm that comes with being a mum in business and getting closer to creating peace and harmony between family and work.

Focus On What Really Matters

As someone who is not particularly design savvy, Canva is one of my biggest time sucks. I could spend hours in there creating the perfect Insta square, only to have it come out looking pretty ordinary anyway.

We all have something in our business which seems productive on a superficial level but ends up being a complete rabbit warren once we get stuck in to it. These are things you need to be aware of and move your focus away from.

For business growth, our ultimate focus should be on building relationships with our clients and customers and creating good quality products and services.

Take some time to consider where you are spending the majority of your time. If periphery tasks are taking up too much of your time, it’s time to reassess.

Create A Singular To Do List

An absolute gem that I picked up from Dr Joanna McMillan at our recent Inspired Mum event is that she doesn’t separate her business ‘to-do list’ from her family ‘to-do list’. She simply has a ‘to-do list’. Sometimes, family matters take out the top positions and at other times business trumps. It’s all about accepting that our tasks and obligations are all part of the same life and creating flow and balance between the two.


As a mum, I inherently struggle with delegating. My trumped up sense of self importance tells me that it’ll be easier and quicker if I do it myself. To add to this, delegating and outsourcing costs money.

But as business owners, time is our most valuable commodity at and the end of the day, we only have 24 hours of it. Delegating is the quickest and easiest way of creating more hours to give you time to focus on what matters.

Delegating doesn’t have to mean sacrificing power and control. You just set the specifications, employ someone else to do the leg work and then you can modify and refine to fit your needs at the end.

We are living in the Digital Age; virtual assistants and online freelancers through sites such as Upwork make it easier and more cost effective than ever to find the right person for the job at a budget that works for you.

So when it comes to the fear of delegation, make like Elsa and just let it go.

Give In To Audio Books

Reading is not a luxury; it is a necessity for your business development and one that you cannot afford to throw away.

Reading is a constant avenue for learning and growth and the wealth of information that lies within the pages of some of the great business books can do wonders for opening your mind to new ideas and inspiration.

There is nothing better than lying in bed at the end of the day and immersing myself in a good book. But life is busy and I’m all about maximising productivity. Audio books are a great way of injecting some extra knowledge into your mind while exercising, driving or engaging in any other task that doesn’t require too much brain power.

Schedule In Time Blocks

While my week is not scheduled to the hour, I do set time blocks to make sure that the important stuff is getting done.

Specific business activities which are important to me, such as writing, social media management and business growth are scheduled in and I don’t deviate from those. I also have blocks for play dates and spending time with my family just to make sure that I have created a space where they are my focus and priority. Outside of these specific blocks, my week is free range and I can take it as it comes, knowing that space has been put aside for what matters.

Close Enough Is Good Enough

Strive for consistency over perfection. As with anything in life, an all or nothing mindset will only wear you down and lead to disappointment. If at the end of the day you can look back and be mostly happy with how things are going with business and family, then you are miles ahead of the rest.

Care to share your favourite hacks? Send me an email. I’d love to hear your tips and tricks.
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