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The Power Of A Tribe

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The Power Of A Tribe

I’m a sucker for a good friendship. And while I have to confess that my number of really close friends is on the lower end of the popularity score, the incredible women who form my inner circle are seriously my kind of people. They get me to my core and I never need to second-guess the very valuable role they play in my life.

My girls. My people. My tribe.

And now more than ever, as we enter the age of the entrepreneur, being part of a “tribe” in the business world is not only something that so many of us actively seek out, it’s also something that is promoted as a selling feature of the various business communities that exist to support their members.

We want to be surrounded by “our people”.

People who share our values. People who understand our drivers. People who will celebrate our success, no matter how small, and people who understand the gravity of a setback.

From the point of view of the women I meet in this community, we don’t want to have to explain to someone what it’s like want to do so much with so little time. We don’t want to go into the details of just how tough it is to build and run a business when we also have little people who we want to be completely available to. We don’t want to get stuck into how having children doesn’t make our ambition any less.

We just want to be around people who get it.

Unspoken understanding. Collective thinking. United support.

I’m asked a lot about how to find the strength to push through when it feels like the objections are just too strong; objections from family, objections from our partner and objections from ourselves.

It’s times like this that finding your “tribe” will be most valuable. Like a good girlfriend who knows just when to come over with a block of chocolate when things are rough, your tribe will be there for you when no one else seems to get it.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. What do you look for specifically when hunting out a home away from home? Have you already found a brilliant community that speaks to your heart? Send me an email, or join the conversation below or on Facebook, I’d love to hear from you.

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