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  • ABOUT I am so proud to be able to call myself the Founder of The Mothers Den, a project that I am extremely passionate and excited about.
  • HUB Coming in 2017, our membership program will bring together entrepreneurial mothers from all over the country to build a beautiful community of high achieving women.
  • BLOG Written straight from the heart, these blogs speak to you and inspire your business dreams.
    • Mums Living Fearlessly – Kate from Wonder Woman Method This month's interview focuses on Kate McGill, founder of Wonder Woman Method. One of the first things you notice about Kate is her sparkle when she walks into a room...
    • Mums Living Fearlessly – Brooke from The Content(ed) Copywriter This month’s feature mum, Brooke Hill, is a walking talking example of how having children is an opportunity to reconnect with our own creativity and pursue something more in line with our purpose.
    • Has Your Business Turned Into Just Another Job?
    • Mums Living Fearlessly – Sara from Kid Magazine
    • What Instagram's Latest Move Teaches Us
    • When Good Enough Is Good Enough For so many of us, the only thing standing between where we are and where we want to be is a little bit of learning. Yes, that learning can be uncomfortable, but as we come to master that new skill, our comfort zone grows.
    • Mums Living Fearlessly – Monique from Happetite Food Recently, I was lucky enough to meet Monique Treder, founder of Happetite Food. I am so in love with her business and the idea of being able to send a warm meal as a gift to someone who needs it - whether it's because they are going through a hardship, they've just added to their family or because I just know that they are as over trying to come up with new things to serve up for dinner every night as I am.
    • In Our Community - Kathy from Moeloco Moeloco is a socially conscious footwear business that donates a pair of closed shoes to a child in poverty for every pair of flip flops purchased – thereby enabling them to go to school.
    • The Never Ending Quest To Have It All Many of us still subscribe to the mentality that if we’re not putting in a socially acceptable number of hours into our business, then we are somehow falling behind. But what happens when the time we put into our business is suddenly cut short?
    • Nail Your Social Media Strategy In 7 Simple Steps I share my top 7 tips on finding your voice in a very crowded marketplace and creating an online presence your audience will fall in love with.
    • Are You On Track for 2016? - Half Yearly Review It's not too late to make 2016 your year and realign you business with where you want to take it. Read through our top tips on making sure that your 2016 lives up to everything you had hoped it would.
    • The Power Of A Tribe Now more than ever, as we enter the age of the entrepreneur, being part of a “tribe” in the business world is not only something that so many of us actively seek out, it’s also something that is promoted as a selling feature of the various business communities that exist to support their members.
    • Mums Living Fearlessly – Meng From Heart In Box Late last year I discovered Heart in Box and was quietly thrilled to discover this was an Australian business dedicated to making women, and in particular mums, feel just a that little bit extra special in amongst a hectic life.
    • 9 Tips To Help Promote Your Business On A Shoestring Budget In this post, our resident PR guru, Candice Meisels, shares her top tips on how to bootstrap your marketing efforts to make sure you get maximum exposure at minimum cost.
    • Is Your Negative Self-Talk Standing In The Way of Your Magic? This past week I had a session with one of my gorgeous private clients which, quite frankly, gave me a serious case of déjà vu. Everything that she said, every emotion she was feeling, was word for word something that I’m sure I have said and I know I have felt - particularly in the very early start up days.
    • Mums Living Fearlessly – Sandra and Amelia From A Pop Of Love This week, I had the opportunity to sit down with Sandra and Amelia, two mums who joined forces to create A Pop Of Love Photography after identifying a gap in the children's photography space.
    • Branding For Small Business Branding... what is it? What do I do? Where do I start? Arrrgghh. These are the questions that our resident Branding and Design Expert, Kerrie Allen from Design Umbrella, gets when her clients ring her for branding help. Luckily, creating a brand that draws your ideal client to you like a magnet doesn't need to be so overwhelming.
    • Female Entrepreneur Gender Pay Gap? I was recently caught off guard - which is an achievement in and of itself since my little cubs have made me immune to anything with shock value - when I read an article on Inc.com reporting on how female ebay vendors get paid less than their male counterparts for selling the exact same brand new items.
    • Mum In Business Spotlight – Dr Charise Deveney Dr Charise Deveney is the founder of Let’s Talk Psychology Practice and one of the most down to earth people I’ve ever met. I’ve had so much fun getting to know her and learning from her in the lead up to our first Brunch Session where she is our special guest speaker.
    • Mumpreneur vs Entrepreneur; Should We Just Get Over It? I was recently reading yet another article on mum entrepreneurs and how there is more to us than meets the eye. ‘Underestimate us at your own peril’ it implied, ‘don’t you know we are serious entrepreneurs?’
    • Self-Doubt Shows No Favouritism - An Interview With Kate Watts In last week's video, I spoke about the strategies I use to combat self-doubt and the positive response that I got from it was huge. One of the best things that came out of it was the opportunity to sit down and talk with Kate Watts, the incredible woman behind the new fashion label, Only One Ashley, in the lead up to its launch this weekend.
    • Time Hacks For The Fierce Business Mum I have a rather sick obsession with life hacks. As someone who thrives on anarchy, I’ve become a pro at creating systems and routines to ensure maximum productivity amongst the chaos.
    • Something Unexpected Happened Along The Way I had no idea when I took the leap and started my business that I would be setting an example for my kids around chasing dreams and pursuing passions of the heart. I didn’t think they would notice or care and the idea that I would be leading by example had honestly never occurred to me.
    • Children vs Business: The Never Ending Battle I realised a while ago that as a mum with three little kids, I will never be as productive as the childless entrepreneur.
    • What’s In A Name? For all intents and purposes I am a mumpreneur. I am a mum. I founded and run my own business which I suppose makes me an entrepreneur. But while ‘entrepreneur’ sounds savvy, ‘mumpreneur’ sounds… cute.
    • Didn't We Almost Have It All? Lately, I‘ve been fighting a battle I don’t know how to win. A battle so intense that it’s the last thing I think about before I go to sleep and the first thing that pops into my head when I wake up.
    • Embracing The Fierce Mother Within I know I am not the only mother who has lost herself in the process of caring for her young cubs. In doing so, however, we are teaching our children that not only is it ok for Mum to put herself last, it’s actually the norm.
    • The Top 20 Lessons I've Learned From Running A Business While Raising Kids I'm constantly amazed by how clever children can be. Personally, the best lessons I've learned in life have been taught to me by my kids. Here is my list of the top twenty things that my little cubs have taught me about running a business while being a very busy mum.
    • Why I'm Proud To Be A Failure I feel like the universe is trying to tell me something. My Facebook feed, Instagram, heck, even my Pinterest boards have become inundated with quotes about failure. My Facebook feed, Instagram, heck, even my Pinterest boards have become inundated with quotes about failure.
    • So I Ask Myself - Is It Even Worth It? Running A Business Driven By 'Why', Not 'How' Welcome to my home – a quaint weatherboard cottage in a leafy suburb of Sydney where my kids are the law makers, the rule breakers and the … chaos creators.
    • Take Your Harvard Study and Stick It! Listen, I hate having to do this, but I feel I have no other option. So sit down and strap yourself in while I put on my sternest mummy voice. Harvard University, I'm very cross with you right now. No actually, not cross, more just… disappointed.
    • Contradictions in Motherhood: Why Adding More Work Gives Me More Balance After spending the last few years being lucky enough to spend my time at home raising my children, I’ve started asking myself how I can build more work into my life to reduce a lot of the mental baggage that comes with looking after kids full time so that I can, again, exist in a more well rounded universe. It’s a crazy dichotomy that is only understood by our special tribe of business-oriented mums.
    • I Am Mother, Hear Me Roar This morning, during a rare moment of calm, I received a phone call from a friend whose world had aligned with mine and also found herself in an extraordinary moment of peace. With no little cubs to interrupt us, we were free to talk about all things life, newborn and family. Eventually, the conversation started to turn to business. With her youngest due to start school next year, she is starting to think about going back to work. However, she has a problem.
    • Business + Newborn = Chaos Recently, I gave birth to our third baby. A beautiful little cub with long black hair who squawks when he wakes and snorts in his sleep. Just like his brothers before him, he is absolutely delicious and the urge to bite a huge chunk out of his cheek is hard to resist.
    • I Have A Dream: The Difference Between Having and Believing Having the dream and having the confidence to back yourself? These are two different worlds in entirely separate universes. For me, creating The Mothers Den is constant war between the passions of the heart and the day to day. I have an amazing vision for a national (international?) community where brilliant entrepreneurial mums can come and learn, share and grow.
    • Proud to be a Mumpreneur: Setting the Record Straight Mumpreneur – dirty word or badge of honour? The jury is divided as some love it, some loathe it.
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