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The Never Ending Quest To Have It All

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The Never Ending Quest To Have It All

Recently, I was lucky enough to have a wonderful conversation with author and entrepreneur Amy Taylor-Kabbaz about building the resilience to succeed as a mum in business.

One of the things that came up during our chat - which resonated quite deeply with me - was how we define our own success.

When I look back on it, the thing that caught me off guard about this part of our chat was realising how blindly (and rather ignorantly) I follow along with the traditional stereotype of what it means to be “successful”.

Many of us still subscribe to the mentality that if we’re not putting in a socially acceptable number of hours into our business, then we are somehow falling behind, not as dedicated or minimising our chances of success.

But what happens when the time we put into our business is suddenly cut short – either because we have intentionally restricted our hours or because life is just so demanding?

Quite often, we are left stuck in an uncomfortable limbo land where we feel we are failing our business due to a lack of dedication and failing at motherhood due to a distracted mind.

What would happen though if we rewrote the instruction manual on what it meant to build a successful business that existed in harmony with family?

If, instead of feeling disappointed because it’s much harder to find the time to build the business of our dreams while juggling motherhood, we took a more holistic approach to what we wanted our life to look like and how long we would take to get there?

The moment we let go of the rules and expectations on how and by when we should build our business and start living in accordance with our own definition of success and happiness, then suddenly, things become a lot less overwhelming.

I’d love to know what you think – are you still struggling with what you think you should be doing or have you found a way to make it all work on your own terms? Send me an email and share your thoughts, I'd love to hear from you.

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