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Mums Living Fearlessly – Kate from Wonder Woman Method

By Uldouz Van Eenoo | | Mums In Business

Mums Living Fearlessly – Kate from Wonder Woman Method

“I think little steps towards growing the business and big steps towards growing a beautiful family is important.”

I love these words from this month’s fearless mum Kate. One of the first things you notice about Kate is her sparkle when she walks into a room. Having gotten to know her better over the last few months, I’ve since learned that that ‘sparkle’ is something she developed later on in life. Now Kate spends her time helping other women find their ‘sparkle’. Read on to learn more…

Kate McGill

The Mothers Den: Tell us a little about yourself.

Kate: I have always been passionate about health and wellness. As long as I can remember I was going to be in the medical field in some capacity and decided in primary school I was going to be a Paramedic. I am a mumma to two little munchies (3 & 5) and have an incredibly loving and supportive hubby. I've just completed my second Spartan race, am determined to read more books and love my Friday night bubbles.

The Mothers Den:
Why Wonder Woman Method?

Kate: I battled with my weight and self-esteem for most of my life. I had tried so many diets and programmes there really wasn't a lot I didn't know about the diet industry but I continued to yo-yo with my weight. What I hadn't discovered was why I knew all the right things to do but still didn't do them. This discovery was so powerful for me, I decided I needed to help others discover the same about their own health struggles. My favourite part about being a Paramedic was easing pain for my patients and their families. I'm sure that's what drew me to health coaching. Wonder Woman Method is easing a different type of pain for people.

The superhero Wonder Woman is a strong, confident, kind, intelligent and beautiful woman. One of her superpowers is a lasso of truth which is really the key element in my program, figuring out your bigger “why”. I believe with everything in me that we are all Wonder Woman but some of us don't realise it just yet. I want to empower women to uncover their own Wonder Woman.

The Mothers Den:
You already had a relatively flexible career as a paramedic that allowed you to work a couple of days a week and then spend time with your family. What prompted you to want to move away from that?

Kate: I have done almost 10 years with NSW Ambulance. Although I am incredibly proud to have served this time, I knew when I came back after having my daughter that I had done my dash. There are only so many tragedies one person should be exposed to and now after having kids my priorities are so different. I am much more aware of nurturing my own mental health and I'm totally ready for a new chapter. 12 (sometimes 15) hour shifts are just too long away from my babies! I leave before they wake up and get home after their bed time. Also I have a lot of working life left in me and I know I can't spend another 30 years in the service.

Kate McGill and family

The Mothers Den: We are constantly bombarded with different messages from nutritionists, trainers, dieticians and experts. What role does a health coach play in all of this?

Kate: Health Coaches really aim to empower and educate their clients on what is best for each individual. Health and wellness is not a one size fits all approach and what works for me might not work the same way for you. Health Coaches can help the client explore what the best, most sustainable options are for their clients and sift through the confusion about a healthy lifestyle. I also explore with my clients some areas of their health they may have never actually considered and discover what my clients are really hungry for when they reach for food.

The Mothers Den:
Do you see any links between your own health and your performance both personally and as an entrepreneur?

Kate: Absolutely. Health is everything! Without good health everything in life is more difficult. I think when we don't really focus on our health we create a cycle of unhealthy eating, lack of exercise, guilt and shame that we aren't looking after ourselves and the cycle continues. It wasn't until I had experienced Health Coaching myself and discovered amazing health holistically that I had the confidence to step out on my own and give this crazy life of an entrepreneur a red hot go. I am happier, healthier and fitter than I have ever been and haven't looked back. Having done health coaching myself I know I am living the best version of myself every day, personally and professionally.

The Mothers Den:
How would you like your children to describe you as they continue to grow up?

Kate: Loving, present, brave, approachable and strong.

The Mothers Den:
Do you have any favourite secrets for managing the harmony between family and business?

Kate: I'm still learning this as I go. I have learnt that you need to be very good at juggling to keep everyone and the business happy. I think little steps towards growing the business and big steps towards growing a beautiful family is important. Oh and definitely self-care for me! It can be easy to get lost in the many roles we need to play but I can't really be any of those roles very well if I'm not remembering who I am first.



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