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Mums Living Fearlessly – Meng From Heart in Box

By Uldouz Van Eenoo | | Mums In Business

Mums Living Fearlessly - Meng From Heart In Box

I don’t know about you, but I lose so many hours in the time warp that is Instagram. As someone who isn’t particularly artistically gifted, I get lost in the beautiful feeds and I love learning about the people behind the accounts.

Late last year I discovered Heart in Box and was quietly thrilled to discover this was an Australian business dedicated to making women, and in particular mums, feel just a that little bit extra special in amongst a hectic life.

Read on as I chat with founder and mum of three, Meng Lim, as she shares her inspiration behind the business and how she makes it all work with three little ones.

Meng Lim

The Mothers Den: Tell us a little about yourself.

Meng: I'm Meng, mama of three. Besides running after the three munchkins, I also run Heart in Box. Heart in Box is a Brisbane based online gift box shop. Our mission is to uplift and pamper women, especially mums through our gift boxes, and social media. Our gift boxes are unique in that there is always something that will encourage and make you feel loved.

The Mothers Den: Why Heart in Box?

Meng: The idea came about after I had my third baby, and was surrounded by lovely gifts from friends and family. Alas, all the gifts were for the baby. I loved all the cute baby wear, baby toys and baby teethers. But as I was wallowing in my post baby blues, I can't help but wonder why well meaning friends and family only give gifts to the baby when the mama is the one who needs the TLC.

Heart in Box hopes to be that channel through which we can send an uplifting message and bring sunshine to the person receiving a gift box from us, especially mums, who very often have challenging days. But they are sometimes not validated for all that they've gone through or put into the family.

Heart In Box
Heart In Box

The Mothers Den: What has surprised you most about doing what you do?

I was surprised that it is possible to be a work at home mum! Prior to starting Heart in Box, I often thought that it would be literally impossible to get any work done at home with the distractions coming not just from the children but the chores that are looming around. I've come to realise that the key is in prioritising, and letting go. It's not possible to have all 28 items on the to-do lists all checked every single day. Some days, I just cross out one and I have learnt to be ok with that.

The Mothers Den:
How do you stay on track when the line between motherhood and business starts to get a little too blurry?

This one is hard. My little girl recently drew a portrait of me for Mother's Day and in the portrait I was holding a phone. I asked her why she drew the phone in my hand. She said I was working on my Heart in Box project. I was amused, but at the same time, hoping I've not muddled the line between motherhood and business.

I make it a point to be present (although this can sometimes be tricky) when I'm doing an activity with them and especially during dinner times. Because that's when we have conversations around the table. I also constantly remind myself that my children are my priority. And if they need me, they will get me. Work will have to wait until they are settled, or asleep.

Heart In Box
Heart In Box

The Mothers Den: What's your favourite tool for making your business as streamlined as possible?

As we send out our gift boxes using various courier services, one of my favourite apps is Parcel Track. It allows me to track all my gift boxes at one place regardless of which courier service I use. That is a big time saver!


Learn more about Heart in Box by visiting their website - https://heartinbox.com.au

You can also follow Heart in Box on all your favourite social media channels:

Instagram - @heartinbox
Pinterest - https://au.pinterest.com/heartinbox/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/HeartinBoxCo/

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