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Mums Living Fearlessly – Monique from Happetite Food

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Mums Living Fearlessly - Monique from Happetite Food

One of my favourite things about our Brunches is the incredible women that fill the room. Women who are looking to change and disrupt inefficient practices based on their own experiences.

Recently, I was lucky enough to meet Monique Treder, founder of Happetite Food. I am so in love with her business and the idea of being able to send a warm meal as a gift to someone who needs it - whether it's because they are going through a hardship, they've just added to their family or because I just know that they are as over trying to come up with new things to serve up for dinner every night as I am.

Read on as Monique shares the experience that planted the seed for Happetite and the big lessons she has learned along the way.

Monique Treder

The Mothers Den: Tell us a little about yourself.

Monique: I am a Mum of two little active boys aged 3 and 4. I am a born and bred Aussie Northern Beaches girl but having met and married a Kiwi husband, we recently spent a few years living in New Zealand.

The Mothers Den: Why Happetite?

Monique: The seed of Happetite was born soon after my second child was born. Living in a city where I knew very few people, a girl I hardly knew turned up to my door with food. It brought me to tears - ok I had a newborn and was massively sleep deprived - but it made me realise the impact that food can have on people. A loss in the family and the very ill health of a friend really cemented the need for a service that helps you support the people you care about when you can't be there.

From this, Happetite Food was born. I use my Italian Grandmother’s recipes that makes this business very personal and very rewarding.

Gradmother's Quiche

The Mothers Den: What has been the biggest surprise you've encountered since launching your business?

Monique: Wow, was I clueless about setting up a business. I thought I could get the website up and business operational within 3-6 months. What an underestimation!

I think sometimes being clueless and full of passion has worked in my favour but I was really surprised at how long the process took and how much hard work it required just to launch a business and website.

The Mothers Den: What are some of the main lessons you've learned in regards to launching a business?

Monique: Surround yourself with supportive people that understand what you are going through and can provide sound advice, as well as people you can have a glass of wine and laugh with.

I have just come across The Mothers Den but I have been looking for something like this for a while and I love the idea of a group of mums getting together and keeping each other motivated and inspired.

The other lesson I have learnt is to ask people for advice, including other business owners and experts in the field. I have been amazed at how generous people have been with their time and willingness to help out a start up. Once again, I think passion and cluelessness helped here.

Happetite Soup

The Mothers Den: How do you stay on track when the line between motherhood and business starts to get a little too blurry?

Monique: I’m not sure if I have a good answer to this one. Does anyone? Wake up earlier. I am not usually a morning person but I’ve started to realise there is magic in the peace and quiet of 5am and it gives me at least 45min to an hour of uninterrupted work time. I find if I keep myself healthy and active and devote a little bit of time each day (even if its just reading time) to my boys without any distractions I can fend off some of the mothers guilt that likes to creep in.

The Mothers Den: Do you have a favourite tool for making your business run as efficiently and self sufficiently as possible?

Monique: I am trialling a few different ones at the moment but haven't found anything to tell the world about yet. Hootsuite, Zoho, the usual suspects. I have to admit I am a little traditional when it comes to these things and really do love my beautiful notebook to write up my inspirations and aspirations. Love being able to check back a few months later to realise what I actually have achieved and how far I have come.


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