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Normalising The Experience For Mums In Business

By Uldouz Van Eenoo | | Mums In Business

Mandi Gunsberger

A few months ago our Sydney community were lucky enough to have Mandi Gunsberger, Founder and CEO of Babyology, join us for Brunch.

Mandi’s story began like so many in the room – an idea, a laptop and her lounge room.

Oh, and don’t forget the baby.

10 years on, Babyology is a 7 figure business with a head office in Surry Hills and a national reach of over 1.3 million unique visitors per month.


What I loved the most was how open Mandi was.

There was nothing I couldn’t have asked. She shared willingly about her wins and the process of scaling her business and getting advertisers on board.

More importantly though, she was so honest when it came time to talking about her business lows.

Because the truth is that in business, as with everything else in life, things don’t always go to plan, and sometimes you’ve just got to know when to call it quits or take a side step.

She had the room in stitches when she reflected on the early years of business when she was working out of home with a baby and a toddler.

There were nods of familiarity as Mandi shared a particular story where the key characters were a prematurely awake toddler, a business phone call, a safety gate and a packet of Cheezels.

But more than make us laugh, she validated.

When the world around us shows us nothing but their highlight reel, it can be so easy to feel like an imposter playing business owner.

It can be easy to buy into the story that because of our circumstances, our business, idea or ambition isn’t as serious as those who don’t seem to be living the same chaos as we live in. As Mandi spoke, you could see every women sit up just that little bit taller - if this mum with such a similar story has done it, and done it well, then maybe we’re more normal than we realised.

And better yet – maybe we don’t need to give ourselves such a hard time.

When successful women – particularly those who are mums in business - share stories that we can relate to, it makes everything else feel so much more normal. We don’t need to feel defeated by the juggle or the constant division of time. Sometimes it’s just a matter of having a laugh and keeping on keeping on.

So tell me – were you at our Mandi Gunsberger Brunch? What was your biggest takeaway? And if you weren’t there, what kind of messages and stories do you love hearing from those who have been through the early years of business with kids and have come out the other side?

Get in touch. I'd love to hear from you.


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