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So I Ask Myself - Is It Even Worth It? Running A Business Driven By 'Why', Not 'How'

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Take Your Harvard Study And Stick It

Welcome to my home – a quaint weatherboard cottage in a leafy suburb of Sydney where my kids are the law makers, the rule breakers and the … chaos creators.

In my current reality of life with three boys three and under, I have become very good at surrendering control and just going with it. Little boys are busy and I’ve realised that there is no capacity to be anal when parenting free spirits.

This mentality helps me to cope when the house is a mess, when the kids are fighting and when I’m being pestered to go to the park, despite an arctic cold snap which makes being outdoors about as enjoyable as being suck in the car with The Wiggles on repeat. Again.

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Don't be fooled by their cuteness. These guys run the show.

That is, up until 4.55pm on any given day.

Every day, as it starts to get closer and closer to the dreaded 4.55pm, I feel my anxiety start to rise. The generally happy go lucky mum disappears and a frantic wild woman emerges. I foolishly convince myself that a Cadbury fix will give me the courage I need to get through the next few hours.

It never does.

You see, 4.55pm is when my kids start to realise that they are hungry, getting close to tired and that they will soon be made to go to bed. This is when my already cheeky cubs transform from your ordinary, run of the mill mischievous kids into fully fledged Wild Things.

I am yet to make it through one meal time where there isn’t at least one child crying and another one refusing to eat what I have made. It’s not uncommon for my three year old to get so worked up about nothing in particular, that he projectile vomits his dinner all over the floor.

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Don't ask me how he got up there. This kid can climb anything.

From dinner we go to bath time. There is something about being wet and slippery that compels my three year old to want to wrestle. My mission is to bathe the baby while stopping my eldest from pinning his unsuspecting little brother under a foot of water. Like any good dromedy, there's laughter and there's tears, there's highs and there's lows.

The nightmare continues into bedtime. Ladies, I know you know what I'm talking about. This rarely goes smoothly. By the time I leave the final bedroom, it’s close to 9pm, I've somehow become half dressed, my hair is disheveled and my will to live is minimal.

And then I sit down to work.

From 9pm I have a few hours to build and grow this beautiful community that I am so passionate about. A few hours before I go to bed only to be woken two or three times by a newborn and then early the next morning by a child driving a toy truck over my head.

Honestly, I love my life, but I am so ridiculously tired.

So I start to wonder, WHY NOW? Surely, The Mothers Den can wait until the kids are a little bit older and life is a little bit more predictable? And in that moment, it all becomes clear. My WHY is so strong, so compelling, that for me NOW is the only option.

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When you know your 'why', the 'how' becomes easy.

It is so important to me that mothers be given a space where our business dreams and goals can be nurtured and supported. A place where we are seen as individuals, aside from mothers, while still recognising the context of our lives as mums.

It's also critical to my own mental well being that I do something that is all about me.

My business, my creative space, my outlet.

When I think about the need for such a space and community, I know that I have no option other than to do the work here and now. There is no next year, or when they are all sleeping through the night or when the kids are all in school. It is now.

Only now.

Holding on to your ‘why’ is essential to an entrepreneur and absolutely crucial to an entrepreneur who is also a mother. Raising a family is hard enough without throwing starting a business into the mix. The urge to give in or press pause for the time being can be great and all too tempting at times.

Your 'why' is what will keep you focused and motivated when everything seems just a little too hard or hectic; when sitting down to Netflix seems more tempting than getting on with business.

So what is your 'why'? Why have you decided to add another thing into your already full life? I would love to hear what motivates you to keep going towards your dream when life seems to throw endless chaos your way. Send me an email or join the conversation on Facebook. I would love to hear from you.

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