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I Have A Dream: The Difference Between Having and Believing

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I Have A Dream

Walt Disney once said “If you can dream it, you can do it.” It’s an awesome line and one that he definitely prove to be true.


Having the dream and having the confidence to back yourself? These are two different worlds in entirely separate universes.

For me, creating The Mothers Den is constant war between the passions of the heart and the day to day. I have an amazing vision for a national (international?) community where brilliant entrepreneurial mums can come and learn, share and grow.

I can sense the feeling they get from the community – a feeling of being home, supported in their business and connected. A place where they are seen as the independent, incredible women that they are, while also acknowledging the context of their lives as mums.

But I struggle big time with getting my head out of mummy mode for long enough to see “the dream” in all its glory. Like many women, a few years out of the workforce has meant that my confidence had waned and there are days when I sincerely question my ability to build the dream. How do I start? Will anyone listen? Did I really have anything of value to offer?


Walt Disney said “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

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So I keep moving forward, despite the doubt. Despite the chaos of the day to day.

And when I feel like throwing it all in, I just reconnect with my WHY. Why do I have this crazy, huge dream and why was it so important to me?

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Personally, I have three massive WHYs.

Firstly, I believe that women are truly incredible. But I also think that we can get lost in our role as a mother. I believe that with the right support, we can create success and happiness beyond our imagination, on our own terms.

Secondly, as a mother, I want my boys to look at my accomplishments and from that, believe that they can do and be anything.

Finally, as an advocate for gender equality, I want my boys to grow into men who see equality between the sexes as the norm rather than a plight. Seeing the success of the women within The Mothers Den will hopefully help achieve this.

These things are huge for me and still help me refocus when the nappies, dinners and playdates seem to get on top of me.

So, what’s your purpose? What is the real driving force behind your work, whether it is still just an idea in your head or a business that you currently have up and running?

Most importantly, is your purpose meaningful enough to force you into action, despite all the noise and doubt?

Send me an email. I’d love to hear from you personally and hear about your struggles and any insights you may have had on your higher purpose.

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