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Are Your On Track for 2016? - Half Yearly Review

By Uldouz Van Eenoo | | Strategy

Are You On Track for 2016? - Half Yearly Review

Very few things beat the excitement of a new year.

With January first comes the anticipation of new beginnings, bigger goals and the unwavering belief that THIS will be our year.

To add to this, our social media feed suddenly becomes filled with inspirational ‘new you’ quotes such as...

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 book, write a good one.”

Or the more direct -

“I’ve already decided that [insert year] is going to be amazing.”

Sometimes though, despite all our best intentions, by the time June rolls around our big goals have been lost under a pile of daily operations.

That is - until now.

It's not too late to make 2016 your year and realign you business with where you want to take it. Read through our top tips on making sure that your 2016 lives up to everything you had hoped it would.

1. Remind Yourself Of Where You Are Going

Somewhere back in January, before the chaos of staying on top of the day to day workings of the business, chances are you had some very big and very exciting dreams for 2016.

The time has come to rekindle that relationship with those big visions you had for the year ahead. So log out of your email, put your social media updates on hold and sit down with a big glass of red and remind yourself of what you want your business to look like come December 2016.

Key things to consider here are where are the three or four key areas in your business where you’d like to see some significant change and then get specific about what that change looks like and how you’ll make it happen.

2. Set Some Serious (and Slightly Scary) Deadlines

As exciting as it is to get all warm and cozy again with your goals, if you’re not setting a specific timeline around when things will get done, chances are that your goals will continue to stay as just that in another six months from now.

It’s time to set some serious deadlines that you can start working towards; whether it’s to have your new website live by 20 August or to set up a new funnel and have an extra 1000 people added to your database by October, get specific, set a completion date and have something that you can start working towards.

3. Plan Your Month

Wouldn’t it be incredible if we could spend all of our time working towards our big vision for the year while our staff took care of the rest?

For many of us who are either sole operators or have smaller teams, we are still very much required to be hands on in the day to day running of operations.

We still have current clients we need to serve, emails to respond to, blog posts to write (ahem) and all of the regular joys that take up way more time than they should. That is, on top of life away from your business.

But that doesn’t mean that you need to shut the door completely on working ON your business; we just need to be a little more organised and structured in how we spend our time.

Plan your month so that you have blocked out time to do all the essentials. Once you have all the “need to do” stuff squared away, allocate time to work towards the big picture stuff. This structure and time allocation will be your secret sauce to making sure that you’re not spending all your time in the daily running of the show and too busy to take your business towards a bigger and better direction.

4. Be Kind To Yourself

So your goal of launching a new website by 1 September was sabotaged by an entire month of gastro followed by hand foot and mouth followed by some strange new strain of virus that makes your little people incapable of sleeping between the hours of 9pm and 7am?

I hate to break it to you but that’s the reality of family, and really, would you have it any other way?

Rather than curse the parent who sent their infectious child to pre school (because really, haven’t we all done it?) revaluate your time and set up a new deadline that you can start working towards.

Life happens and you can choose to get sucked into the story of how hard it is to achieve your goals with everything else you’ve got going on, or you can shrug your shoulders and move forward, knowing that even a small step in the right direction is far better than no step at all.

Be Brave, Live Fierce


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