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Business + Newborn = Chaos: Stumbling Through Life With A Newborn

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Business + Newborn = Chaos

A New Dawn, A New Day, A New Life

Recently, I gave birth to our third baby. A beautiful little cub with long black hair who squawks when he wakes and snorts in his sleep. Just like his brothers before him, he is absolutely delicious and the urge to bite a huge chunk out of his cheek is hard to resist.

Personality wise, he’s like many other newborns. In my arms, he is peaceful, content and sleeps for hours. But if I try and lay him down? Suddenly he’s a miniature Mr Hyde. And so it is that my newest little man spends his days and nights snuggled close to my heart.

working with a newborn

Under Pressure, Pushing Down On Me…

Having a baby who wants to exist solely in my arms is a beautiful thing. It connects me with my inner animal instincts and brings out the protective lioness within. I also know better than to take cuddles from my children for granted.

newborn chaos


As I look to the goals I’ve set for myself for the rest of the year, I’m starting to poop my pants a little. There is still so much to do as we gear up for a business launch on 1 September and trying to plan, prep and organise while existing in the unpredictable newborn phase is a joke, except that I’m not laughing.

Living under a time crunch is nothing new for me. Part of why I believe that mothers make excellent entrepreneurs is because we are well versed at operating under high pressure situations. Kids/school/house/bills/business. We just get it done.

But as I settle in to my new reality, I’m starting to get a bit overwhelmed by just how many little tasks there are to do and just how hard it is to do them.

Live and Let Live

Trying to get anything done with a new baby is a challenge at best and impossible at worst. With each of my babies, I spent the early days thinking that as long as I made the bed and had a shower, then it was a productive day. If I could fit in a walk as well I felt like I deserved a medal.

The newborn phase is so short lived. Within the next 6 weeks my newest little guy will be smiling. A couple of months after that he’ll be rolling away, and from there, sitting, crawling and finally walking will happen in the blink of an eye.

So how is it that I can recognise all this and still give myself such a hard time over not achieving as much as I want throughout the day?

So here my promise to myself, which I make before you and ask that you keep me accountable – I will go easy on myself. I will enjoy every moment of this crazy newborn phase. I will work towards our big launch but I will also listen to my inner voice when it starts to tell me go with the flow when my snuggly cub comes between me and a day of productivity.

Where do you sit on the scale of unrealistic expectations? Do you suffer from the common Mummy epidemic of mustdoeverythingasap-itis or have you mastered the magical skill of taking it slow and enjoying the process? Join the conversation on Facebook or send me an email if you want to share a bit more privately.

Be Brave, Live Fierce


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