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Has Your Business Turned Into Just Another Job?

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Has Your Business Turned Into Just Another Job?

If you are anything like me, the decision to jump into your own business came after a huge re-evaluation of life after kids.

For some of us, there was a sudden awareness that if we were to be away from our children, it had to be for something that was absolutely worth it. For others, the birth of our babes also symbolised a rebirth of us as individuals. An opportunity to create our own path with a deeper sense of passion and purpose.

Those early days were oh so blissful while also being wonderfully ignorant.

Our creative juices were flowing and our work gave us that deeply fulfilling ‘me time’.

But somehow, somewhere – probably around month six - the reality of being a business owner set in.

It was no longer just the creative. Suddenly we had to refine products according to the market’s needs, spruik our services, build databases and manage our finances.

In that process, our deeply fulfilling ‘me time’ became ‘work’.

And it was easy to get obsessive about the work - it does stem from an original passion after all. But it didn’t take long for that work to turn into just another job that we had created for ourselves.

In the end, what was supposed to be an avenue for us to redefine our career post children, turned into just another thing for us to do. Another stressor in an already hectic life.

But for our business to work and to have the greatest chance of success, it has to sit in harmony with the rest of our life. Not fight against it.

If we are not turning up as our best self - be it because we feel guilty over not spending the time we want with our family, because we feel rubbish for putting our health on the back burner or because we are ridiculously sleep deprived from all the late nights, then what is the actual point?

Trust me, there are much easier ways to make money than living the life of a start up.

We have to decide what we want our big picture life to look like – how do we want to turn up as individuals, as mothers, as businesswomen and as partners/friends/siblings and daughters?

And if that means that we have to say "no" to certain opportunities or that it will take that little bit longer for what we want to eventuate, then so be it.

The way I see it, this is the only way to create a business we love and a life that just works. Applying the ‘business now, everything else later’ approach is a disaster waiting to happen.

I want to know your thoughts. Have you found the magic recipe to making it all work or are you sitting in a funk, struggling to get out? Send me email, I’d love to hear from you.

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