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    Time Hacks For The Fierce Business Mum

    I have a rather sick obsession with life hacks. As someone who thrives on anarchy, I’ve become a pro at creating systems and routines to ensure maximum productivity amoung the chaos. And while motherhood and business can be a crazy juggle, the truth is that they must go hand in hand if we want to create the absolute best version of our lives.

    Here are my top hacks for losing the overwhelm that comes with being a mum in business and getting closer to creating peace and harmony between family and work.

  • Woman on laptop

    Mumpreneur vs Entrepreneur; Should We Just Get Over It?

    I was recently reading yet another article on mum entrepreneurs and how there is more to us than meets the eye. ‘Underestimate us at your own peril’ it implied, ‘don’t you know we are serious entrepreneurs?’ Having written about some of the myths that surround mumpreneurs myself some time ago, I totally get where the author was coming from and her motivation.

    But I did start to wonder why it even mattered.

  • Woman drinking tea leaning on a tree

    Self-Doubt Shows No Favouritism - An Interview With Kate Watts

    A big thing for me this year was to start recording and uploading short videos to The Mothers Den Facebook page - little tips and tricks that have helped so many of my private coaching clients and which I hope might help someone on our online community who is going through something a bit tricky.

    In last week's video, I spoke about the strategies I use to combat self-doubt and the positive response that I got from it was huge.

    One of the best things that came out of it was the opportunity to sit down and talk with Kate Watts, the incredible woman behind the new fashion label, Only One Ashley, in the lead up to its launch this weekend.

  • Dr Charise Deveney

    Mum In Business Spotlight

    Dr Charise Deveney is the founder of Let’s Talk Psychology Practice and one of the most down to earth people I’ve ever met. I’ve had so much fun getting to know her and learning from her in the lead up to our first Brunch Session where she is our special guest speaker.

    Here, we do a little role reversal as she very kindly allows me to ask the questions of her.

  • Girl running her hand through tall grass

    Something Unexpected Happened Along The Way

    I had no idea when I took the leap and started my business that I would be setting an example for my kids around chasing dreams and pursuing passions of the heart. I didn’t think they would notice or care and the idea that I would be leading by example had honestly never occurred to me…

  • Content women with eyes closed

    Children vs Business: The Never Ending Battle

    We are not having a good week. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned since being a mum in business is that there are just too many variables (read “little people”) who can make or break your plans…

  • Office space with imac

    What’s In A Name?

    Labels have never really been my thing. Having been born in Italy to Iranian parents, moving to Australia when I was three and being married to a Canadian who is of Flemish decent, I consider myself a citizen of the world and feel a proud sense of identity with as many countries as I have fingers on one hand…

  • Woman in flower patterned skirt laying on the grass

    Didn't We Almost Have It All?

    Lately, I‘ve been fighting a battle I don’t know how to win. A battle so intense that it’s the last thing I think about before I go to sleep and the first thing that pops into my head when I wake up.

    It’s a battle I know I’m not fighting alone, but it’s also one that I don’t openly talk about.

  • Woman drinking tea

    Embracing The Fierce Mother Within

    Growing up, I never imagined that I would have three sons. I always pictured that in amongst a son or two, there would be a little girl. She would have long black hair and she would be my real life doll in pretty dresses, patent leather shoes and flowers in her hair.



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