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  • Woman on beach with mobile phone

    Nail Your Social Media Strategy In 7 Simple Steps

    I share my top 7 tips on finding your voice in a very crowded marketplace and creating an online presence your audience will fall in love with.

  • Happy woman with a laptop

    Are You On Track For 2016? Half-Yearly Review

    It's not too late to make 2016 your year and realign you business with where you want to take it. Read through our top tips on making sure that your 2016 lives up to everything you had hoped it would.

  • Group Of Women

    The Power Of A Tribe

    Now more than ever, as we enter the age of the entrepreneur, being part of a “tribe” in the business world is not only something that so many of us actively seek out, it’s also something that is promoted as a selling feature of the various business communities that exist to support their members.

  • Meng Lim

    Mums Living Fearlessly

    Late last year I discovered Heart in Box and was quietly thrilled to discover this was an Australian business dedicated to making women, and in particular mums, feel just a that little bit extra special in amongst a hectic life.

    Read on as I chat with founder and mum of three, Meng Lim, as she shares her inspiration behind the business and how she makes it all work with three little ones.

  • Child with a Megaphone

    9 Tips To Help Promote Your Business On A Shoestring Budget

    One of the most misleading business myths, in my humble opinion, is “if you build it, they will come”. Honestly, if it were really that simple, we wouldn’t be seeing more than 60 percent of small businesses ceasing operations within the first three years of starting now would we?

    Things like product to market fit and proper marketing are essential to making sure that your business has every chance of success.

    In this post, our resident PR guru, Candice Meisels, shares her top tips on how to bootstrap your marketing efforts to make sure you get maximum exposure at minimum cost.

  • Woman looking into the horizon

    Is Your Negative Self-Talk Standing In The Way of Your Magic?

    This past week I had a session with one of my gorgeous private clients which, quite frankly, gave me a serious case of déjà vu. Everything that she said, every emotion she was feeling, was word for word something that I’m sure I have said and I know I have felt - particularly in the very early start up days.

  • Girl with confetti

    Mums Living Fearlessly

    I'm a big believer in celebrating each other's success and being inspired by what others are doing. I also know there is so much value in getting to know each other and learning more about the incredible mums who make up our community.

    This week, I had the opportunity to sit down with Sandra and Amelia, two mums who joined forces to create A Pop Of Love Photography after identifying a gap in the children's photography space. They shared their "why", their big business lessons and their favourite hacks for making the most of their very valuable time.

  • Branding panel

    Branding For Small Business

    Branding... what is it? What do I do? Where do I start? Arrrgghh.

    These are the questions that our resident Branding and Design Expert, Kerrie Allen from Design Umbrella, gets when her clients ring her for branding help. Luckily, creating a brand that draws your ideal client to you like a magnet doesn't need to be so overwhelming.

    Read on as Kerrie shares her three key secrets to getting your branding on point so that your audience gets a view of exactly who you are and what you stand for.

  • Woman working with laptop

    Female Entrepreneur Gender Pay Gap? Are You Serious?

    When it comes to salaries in the corporate world, we as women, on average, earn less than our male counterparts. Oh, I can hear what you are saying. "Old news" you think. "Tell me something I didn't know". It’s a reality that I just don't get and a logic that my simple woman brain can't quite comprehend.

    For those of us who run our own businesses, this isn’t really a problem and not something that we need to turn our attention to. We write our own rules, we live on our terms and we decide the way things are going to operate… or so we think.



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