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Want to be a part of our amazing, supportive community? Come and join us here at The Mothers Den.

From time to time, I open up a few spots to private coaching and business goal setting strategy sessions.

If you are interested in learning how we can work together privately, send me an email and book yourself in for a complementary Getting To Know You Session.


Depends on who you ask. In a nutshell though, I’m a CEO, business coach, women’s advocate, mum, wife, daughter, sister, food lover and oddly enough, a spin instructor.

In my previous life I was:
Please don’t judge me – a lawyer.

I knew I had to leave law when I realised that:
1. I was too nice for the profession;
2. There is very rarely a ‘good guy’; and
3. I was spending too much time with people I didn’t want to be around and not enough time with those I loved.

The Mothers Den exists because:
There is a new breed of mum forming. One who wants to have a successful business that feeds her soul but who also wants to be completely present in her kids’ lives. This new modern mama believes that motherhood doesn’t mean that she needs to let go of the dreams she has for her life and that there doesn’t need to be a compromise. She seeks out a life that’s fulfilling in every aspect.

The Mothers Den is here to support, nurture and encourage this breed of mum. Our events bring our members together so they can meet and mingle with other mums who get it. We need to make it easier for mums to have access to amazing speakers and networking events as well as general business support that understands the context of their lives.

Favourite thing about being CEO:
Taking a half day to take the kiddies to the beach on the perfect summers day.

Worst thing about being CEO:
The worry. Also the tiredness, but mainly the worry.

Favourite thing about motherhood:
Endless fits of giggles.

Worst things about motherhood:
The worry. Also the tiredness, but mainly the worry.

You’ll always win be over by:
Making me laugh.

My happy place:
Bed, Hawaii, Gwinganna.

Words I live by:
If it’s going to be, it’s up to me.

Do I often pretend to interview myself?
Only when the moment calls for it.

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