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The Top 20 Lessons I've Learned From Running A Business While Raising Kids

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The Top 20 Lessons I've Learned From Running A Business While Raising Kids

I'm constantly amazed by how clever children can be. Personally, the best lessons I've learned in life have been taught to me by my kids. Here is my list of the top twenty things that my little cubs have taught me about running a business while being a very busy mum:

  • default_titleIf you are crazy enough to book in business calls or meetings without making childcare arrangements, you have no one to blame but yourself.
  • default_titleAs long as you are enjoying quality time with your children, there is no harm in letting the digital babysitter take over from time to time.
  • default_titleIt is much easier to let the kids interrupt you than it is to get into an argument on why you shouldn’t be interrupted.
  • default_titleChocolate bribery works every time.
  • default_titleChocolate will make you feel better every time.
  • default_titleYour kids don’t expect you to constantly entertain them. But they do expect that when they have something to say, you will stop and listen.
  • default_titleYou will never be as productive as the childless entrepreneur. Get over it.
  • default_titleDon’t let pride take over. If someone offers a helping hand, take it.
  • default_titleBe assertive in letting those around you know what you need to get things done.
  • default_titleBe patient with your kids. They are a miracle.
  • default_titleAt the end of the day, your children know that they are loved. Guilt has no place in motherhood.
  • default_titleSchedule everything; expect to never be able to stick to your schedule.
  • default_titleYour kids will be all grown before you know it. Don’t wish the time away.
  • default_titleNo one will every make you laugh harder than your children.
  • default_titleYou are setting a great example. Be proud of yourself.
  • default_titleThe timing will never feel right; just get on with it.
  • default_titleYou will make mistakes in business and family. Apologise and move on.
  • default_titleIf you can think it, you can create it. All you need is an idea and a commitment to hard work.
  • default_titleYou will always be tired. So very, very, tired.
  • default_titleBe proud of yourself, you are doing great.
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Me and my boys
In our house, there is no problem that can't be remedied with a Kinder Surprise.

So there you have it - my top twenty lessons taught to me by my wonderful, cheeky, infuriatingly independent boys. I would love to hear about what you've learned from you kids in your business journey. Send me an email or join the conversation on Facebook. I would love to hear from you.

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