bringing together mum entrepreneurs

bringing together mum entrepreneurs

The Mothers Den

Join our pride to create a business you love and the life of your dreams…

A pride of women, united by their willingness in seeing each other succeed in business, life and family.

Welcome to The Mothers Den - A home away from home for the new breed of mum entrepreneur.

We know that you love being a mum. But we also know that you crave a business that feeds your soul and gives you a space to shine. Personally, we think that is awesome and we are giving you virtual high fives at this very moment.

Through our networking events and online community, we give you a space where you can be heard and supported all while meeting other mums who are speaking your language.

So what makes our events and community so special? Simply, they cater specifically to you - the mum who is looking to live a fulfilled life where work, family and relationships thrive and exist to their fullest potential. We know that you want access to intelligent, educational and inspiring speakers, it just needs to be on your terms. Our events take place in that precious pocket of time when your cubs are in school so that you can commit to personal growth and networking and still be there for the school pick up. We also bring an element of ‘retreat’ to our events because we know that in your family pecking order, your needs are probably somewhere down the bottom of the list, perhaps even over the page.

We see your success as limitless and we believe in your quest to find harmony across all aspects of your life.

Regardless of whether you have a thriving business, a brilliant idea or just a feeling that something needs to change, we are here to support you, celebrate your journey and to see you thrive.

Want to be a part of our pride? Come and join us; we are waiting for you.

Interested in reading more about our story? Let us show you.

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Dear Uldouz,

Before I began coaching with you I had never dared to say my dream out loud. This was because: A. It was not clear enough to put into words, B. I had just finished an Honours degree and was 'supposed to' go and become a Psychologist now, and, C. I didn't know if I had the guts to give it a go.

The 100% judgement free, inspiring, positive space that you offer holds absolute power. In that space my impossible dream became a tangible goal. That space allowed me to push my self-doubt aside enough to give it a go. Routinely coming back to that space continues to propel me forward, over the inevitable hurdles.

Without you I might never have tried. Thank you doesn't begin to cover it. Carli Underwood
As a coach, I find Uldouz to be extremely selfless and genuinely interested in helping me to achieve my goals. She asks the right questions - enabling me to know exactly what it is I need to do! Sarah Pinchbeck
Uldouz has been an amazing support over the last few months, a sounding board I couldn’t have done without. I am on my game 99% of the time and she is there in the 1% to keep pushing me. Thank you, Uldouz and The Mothers Den! Kerrie Allen

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