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We Know You Love Being A Mum

But we also know that your story doesn't end there

Through our networking events, high level business mastermind and online community, we give you a space where you can be heard and supported in building the kind of business you dream of all while meeting other mums who are speaking your language.

So what makes our events, masterminds and community so special?

Simply, they cater specifically to you - the mum who is looking to live a fulfilled life where work, family and relationships thrive and exist to their fullest potential.

We know that you want access to intelligent, educational and inspiring speakers, it just needs to be on your terms.

We see your success as limitless and we believe in your quest to find harmony across all aspects of your life.

Regardless of whether you have a thriving business, a brilliant idea or just a feeling that something needs to change, we are here to support you, celebrate your journey and to see you thrive.

Sydney Brunch Session


The Myth of the Overnight Success
with Lizzy Williamson, Kate Sutton and Alexx Stuart

29 March 2018 from 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
The Greens

The whole idea of 'overnight success' is one of the greatest myths in business history. And as much as it may appear that there are business owners out there who have gone from newbie to 7 figure earner, the truth is that there is a lot (A LOT) of pushing the proverbial uphill before attracting even the slightest side glance.

Join us this March as we will be sit down with three of the country's most exciting female entrepreneurs, Lizzy Williamson, Kate Sutton and Alexx Stuart for an interactive session to dissect the myth of the 'overnight success'.

We can't wait to welcome our panel to our March Brunch and we'd absolutely love to see you there.


How to be a small business with a BIG brand

28 March 2018 from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Rupert on Rupert

Join us this March in Collingwood for our first Melbourne Brunch of 2018 as we sit down with Kate Toon to get to the bottom of how this inspiring small business owner has successfully created such a large presence from such a small platform.

In this session Kate Toon, SEO copywriter, Consultant, Podcaster, and Speaker, will share her secrets of success, including:

  • Why you should throw away your business plan
  • How to maximise minimal time
  • How to build a low cost, no cost support team
  • Why defining your own version of success is so important
  • The real secret behind her business growth

With onsite childcare, you can relax and learn while feeling comfortable that your little people are well looked after.

Kate Toon
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Success Circle


Next Success Circle Commences February 2018

12 weeks of working closely with me as your coach, a hand picked team of industry experts and an intimate group of like minded women who are passionate about seeing you succeed.

And the best bit? Being able to leverage off the knowledge and input of the other women in your circle to help you achieve exactly what you want.

Think of the Success Circle as your business accelerator designed to keep you crystal clear, on track and on purpose, while also filling in your knowledge gaps. Surround yourself with women who have been there and done that, who are there to push you along and who act as your sounding board.

The next Success Circle will be commencing in February 2018. Hope on the wait list using the buttons below.

Success Circle Image

Hub Membership

Uldouz Van Eenoo and Sons

Our membership site will be launching in 2018 and we are not going to lie, it’s going to be amazing. Trust us when we say that we want to look after you and give you an online experience that feels part warm hug and part guilty pleasure.

Think collaborative opportunities, resource banks, peer to peer masterminds, and member only events where we come together and share our wins, our struggles and how we manage to keep it all together all over a glass of wine.

Want to know more?

Register your details and be kept in the loop with what’s going on with our membership program.

You said...

Dear Uldouz,

Before I began coaching with you I had never dared to say my dream out loud. This was because: A. It was not clear enough to put into words, B. I had just finished an Honours degree and was 'supposed to' go and become a Psychologist now, and, C. I didn't know if I had the guts to give it a go.

The 100% judgement free, inspiring, positive space that you offer holds absolute power. In that space my impossible dream became a tangible goal. That space allowed me to push my self-doubt aside enough to give it a go. Routinely coming back to that space continues to propel me forward, over the inevitable hurdles.

Without you I might never have tried. Thank you doesn't begin to cover it.
xx Carrie Underwood
As a coach, I find Uldouz to be extremely selfless and genuinely interested in helping me to achieve my goals. She asks the right questions - enabling me to know exactly what it is I need to do!
xx Sarah Pinchbeck
Uldouz has been an amazing support over the last few months, a sounding board I couldn’t have done without. I am on my game 99% of the time and she is there in the 1% to keep pushing me. Thank you, Uldouz and The Mothers Den!
xx Kerrie Allen

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